The performance of the evolutionary algorithm (EA) is crucial in nature-inspired computing, which is strongly determined by the operator function used in the respective algorithm. Here, we will discuss one of the proportionate selection algorithms, specifically speaking of the Roulette wheel-based selection. Before we move on to the further discussion…

“Plaudits presented by disingenuous cognition stipulated me to hide my pathos. Still this world has many fitful erudition by virtue of which I can live withh notoriety.”

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You might be wondering what the above quote signifies with such ostentatious words. So let me tell you all that this is what…

Hello friends, here i am going to discuss about a python script used for attacking windows 7 and before with security similar to that.

First of of all you will have to create a script for your device with your IP address as the host device. For the same, you…

Introduction: This articles contains my views on the paper published by By : Liang-Chieh Chen, George Papandreou, Senior Member, IEEE, Iasonas Kokkinos, Member, IEEE, Kevin Murphy, and Alan L. Yuille, Fellow, IEEE.

Understanding some terms:

Semantic Segmentation: Semantic segmentation: Task of labelling pixels in an image by their object classes…


Every Pentester targets the information of the client he wants to attack. Thus OSINT Analysis came to effect. OSINT provides the idea of the enemy. In other words, it serves as Open Source Intelligence, which eventually means the method to obtain free information. It can work as your free detective…

Shashwat Saket

I am pentester, computer-activist, network-hacker. Follow me to learn basics to advanced pentesting and bug bounty.

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